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Hiring a professional snow removal company to do all your hard work for you could save your life or save one from a severe injury. Each year the death toll grows higher for people with heart conditions known or unknown, and also back and spine injuries occur, which all can be avoided if you please follow some precautionary suggestions which we will try to help you with here.

First off if you already know about your heart condition, we suggest finding a snow removal service now, period. You are just asking for trouble if you have a certain heart ailment and ignore it out of pride or whatever, don’t shovel and kill yourself, get someone else to do this hard-strenuous work.

Another ailment worth considering is if you have any kind of back issues, lower back or spine issue please again get someone else to do this hard work. So many people ruin their future active life with saying don’t worry I can do it and create serious injury to their back that even walking becomes a problem.

Sorry men but it needs to be said, men are the biggest patients for snow shoveling health issues, you say if not me who. Well besides the many snow removal companies including snow plow removing companies who provide snow shoveling removal, there are plenty of neighborhood kids looking to make a buck or two. Save your life and hire a snow removal service and stay healthy.

Shoveling your way out of a snowstorm is actually a big workout. And that means that shoveling large amounts of snow, can pose significant health risks, particularly with heart and back strain.

Cardiologists say shoveling snow places a significant burden on the heart, increasing the heart rate and blood pressure. It is potentially risky, especially for people who don’t regularly exercise. For those at risk for heart disease and those that may not know they are at risk, shoveling snow can lead to or even cause a heart attack.

People without cardiovascular issues can safely shovel but should try to reduce their efforts to about 80% of capacity. Dial back your efforts about 20%, give yourself a break when you’re doing it and allow frequent stops. Also avoid eating a heavy meal 30 to 60 minutes before or after shoveling as that places an extra load on the heart. Experts say using a smaller shovel, or better yet a snow blower or thrower, is also best to avoid back or heart strain.

Exposure to the cold itself can have an adverse effect on the heart. If your hands are exposed to the cold, it produces a reflex that causes the arteries of the heart to constrict. This causes the blood supply to the heart to be reduced and potentially can cause an episode of angina, or chest discomfort, or even a heart attack. Putting a scarf over your mouth to prevent breathing in too much cold air can help, 

Every year people who get checked out after big snow storms who are newly diagnosed with heart disease.

Shoveling heavy snow can also strain the back and spine, people with chronic back pain should avoid shoveling.

Many doctors suggest pushing the snow rather than lifting it, when at all possible, and bending the knees, rather than using the back. Push it out of the way, as if you’re pushing it with a broom. Some shovels have a bend in the handle that requires less bending, which can help.

One orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the spine, suggests lifting small amounts of snow and keeping the weight of the snow and shovel close to the body.

The farther away the weight is, the harder the back muscles have to work, because the more that weight is pulling you forward. Another suggestion is shoveling in 20-minute increments and shoveling on both the right and left side.