"Temperatures are starting to rise in the high country and your lawn may be looking brown or stressed. However, resist the urge to water more. It is important not to turn up the water until you check what’s going on with your lawn. When lawns begin to stress, the color turns blueish-gray before it looks like straw. If you walk across it and can see footprints 30 minutes later, it’s stressed. Try testing your irrigation system during the daytime to see what is going on. The problem could be as simple as the sprinkler shooting in the wrong direction. Hot weather can reveal the weak areas of our sprinkler systems, and sometimes a little hand watering of stressed areas is all you need to do. If you have to increase watering times in a heat wave, remember to adjust it back when temperatures cool again. Reduce watering times by running each cycle a couple of minutes less. You can also give us a call to do it for you!"