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Mar 17
If a tree was planted properly in the best location, it should need little or no pruning. However, trees do not always grow as we imagined them to grow. Perhaps a branch is rubbing the house, or two... Learn more
Feb 17
Deer-Resistant Plants Deer tend to avoid some plants and relish others. While no plant can be guaranteed to be "deer-proof," some types of plants are less tasty.  Try planting the following kinds of... Learn more
Jan 20
Greenhouses are available in all sizes, shapes and degrees of strength. They can be bought in unassembled packages, assembled on site and ready to set on foundations, or custom designed for a... Learn more
Dec 15
Here in the Rockies we pretty much know what to expect and the people who live in the mountains know what to do about being ready and getting prepared. There are a number of folks that have come from... Learn more
Nov 04
Indoor Herb Garden Do you want herbs year-round? Plant an indoor, winter, herb garden. Select a container that will hold several plants with similar water requirements, and provides good drainage.... Learn more
Oct 03
Snows here and snows here to stay again, what have you done to keep your peace of mind. Hiring the right people to do the right job will take the worry away from you. You don’t have to get any... Learn more
Sep 19
Composting yard waste recycles nutrients back into the yard and saves landfill space. Composting reduces yard waste volume by 50 to 75 percent. Compost made with manure is questionable for use in... Learn more
Sep 05
In a recent study published in the journal Clinical Research in Cardiology, scientists tried to ascertain whether the link was real or exaggerated. So they reviewed patient records from two winter... Learn more
Aug 21
There is something quite amazing about a miniature landscape of alpine plants. Not only is it a unique visual feature, but it also can be an effective way to deal with difficult areas of your site.... Learn more
Aug 05
Ants are common throughout Colorado, and large numbers occur in the average landscape. Most ants are beneficial in controlling pest insects, destroying weed seeds and improving soil with their... Learn more